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What is the Teach-In? A Brief History

Remixing the Art of Social Change (the Teach-In) is one of the only gatherings of its kind, convening hip-hop centered creatives whose work is focused on social justice, community transformation, and education.  The Teach-In is a three day gathering of the hip-hop community dedicated to sharing promising practices, innovating new solutions and developing sustainable strategies. In 2016, the Teach-In will be held from November 3rd -5th at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Over the course of the Teach-In, we honor pioneers, learn from living legends; celebrate the best in our community of scholars, artists, activists and educators.  We participate in hands on workshops, debates, ciphers, presentations, networking, skill shares and a career fair.

As we prepare to enter the post Obama era, it is critical that we take this time to build, learn and strategize as a community dedicated to promoting lasting social change though hip-hop.  The work we do individually is valuable, and the work we do together is powerful.  We have been peacebuilding, creating transformative educational experiences, developing alternative classrooms, living the sound track of every social movement with little recognition.  This is our opportunity to share with each other what we have learned and plot a course forward together, lifting our collective work above the noise along the way..

Hip-hop is the bridge that binds our seemingly separated artistic disciplines, institutions and communities together.  Our efforts and our intentions are bound up in a sacred circle of connectedness; the Teach-in is our collective Cipher.  If you are a person standing outside the circle watching the genius of hip-hop, or if you are at the center of the cipher creating through improvisation and innovation. . we see you, and we need you.

Join us at the Teach-In, to Remix the Art of Social Change!

Who is the Teach-In For?

The Teach-In is an event for people who have or want to move beyond hip-hop as a purely aesthetic art and see it as a vehicle to build organizations and to educate youth and families along with their communities through the arts. Teach-in presenters are leaders in the development of the next stage of our field. They present strategies and methods for excellence, scale, and sustainability to strengthen the network of hip-hop based organizations, teaching artists and scholars. The teach-in is to be followed by a series of retreats for nonprofit board members, youth, front line staff and Executive Directors of hip-hop based organizations, scholars, teaching artists and program managers.

Where is the Teach-In headed?

This teach-in in DC is the eighth time we have hosted this event in the District of Columbia. Last year we had more than 115 organizations, from around the country, register to attend the DC teach-in. Due to the success of that event and the West Coast and Midwest teach-ins, we anticipate that the number of registering organizations will continue to increase for the November 3rd-5th 2016.


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