Cameron is a singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, producer, actor, and poet, that enjoys life, and seeks to learn more…


Samantha Jackson is a senior in high school. She has been doing poetry since her ninth grade…..


Angel C. Dye aka DJ Dynasty is a DJ & poet from Texas. She is currently a senior at Howard University studying English…..


Maulani aka DJ LOL E. POP is 14 years old. She has been attending WBL classes for the past year….


Fasil S. begin breakdancing at the age of 17 when he was in his senior year of high school…


Godrey Walker is from the Miami, Florida. He has been playing music his whole life. His father is a…


Joy Anjelica is a rising Junior student currently attending Morgan State University, Majoring in psychology. She has been..


SADIYAH BASHIR is a 18-year-old poet born and raised in Lanham, Maryland. She is the 2016 Words, Beats and Life Grand Slam…

David Estes

David Nehemiah Estes is a 17 year old senior at Oxon Hill High School who grew up in Maryland…

Tevon (Shinobi of Chernobyl)

“I was destined to rap. I was created to become the creator and destroyer of minds…”



Javier G. is a recent high school graduate living in D.C. He has…

Gabriel B.


Gabriel B. is 13 years old and is in 7th grade. He was born and raised

Andrew W.


Andrew W. is a 12 year old Chess student from Washington D.C.

Delmar T.

Raised in Washington, DC, Delmar Tarragó is a college student in St. Louis. Although studying international relations, he has kept up with the interest in graffiti and public art that he…

Carmen W.

Carmen W. was born and raised in Washington D.C. She is currently a six grader at Kelly Miller Middle School. She enjoys reading good books and skating. She made her official performance debut at…

Diamond M.

Diamond is a 23 year old apprentice from Washington D.C. He has been with Words Beats & Life for 3 years. He started singing

Jamal T.


Jamal T. was born in Oxon Hill, Maryland in 2003 but he has been raised in Washington D.C. for most of his life. He is the youngest of five siblings and is a sixth grader at Kelly Miller Middle School.

John A.


Dedicating his first full year to developing as a Photojournalist & Freelancer, John A. fiery passion fiercely rages on. Initially unknowingly fueling his art with his new found Pan Afrikan ideals

Bobby B.

At the age of 6, Bobby B. expressed great interest in the performing arts. When he was 9 years old, Bobby became fascinated with music. Upon joining…

Kayla W.


Kayla W. is a freshman in High School who recently became interested in graffiti. She always


Jasmin M. is a 14 year old D.C. native who is currently in Middle School. Jasmin loves…

Isaiah S.

Brazilian-American, Isaiah S. is what some would call a modern day renaissance man. With a taste for adventure and an insatiable desire for new experiences he wholeheartedly…


Alex B. is a student in the Academy breakdancing class. He has been BBoying for 4 years, since 2010. He started breakdancing

Yakelin G.


Yakelin G. is 16 years old and a student in the Fine Lines art class. She is originally from Guatemala and attends…

Tyjuane H.

Tyjuane H. is a 22 year old apprentice DJ from Washington DC. He goes by the moniker of DJ RA. In addition to being…

Tony S.


Tony S. is a 19 year old artist from Arlington, VA who has had a passion for graffiti art since the age of 12. He does…


Pierce N. is a 20 year old producer from Washington D.C, who produces under the name Dizcrybe. He has been…


Naasir A. was born in Anacostia, in Washington DC. Over the years Naasir has been influenced by animals and primitive…

Mason B.

Mason B. is a senior in High School. He has always had an immense interest for the arts, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that he became passionate about graffiti…

Kumara A.

Kumara A. is 23 years old and has been living in the US for 10 months. He joins us in Washington DC from his hometown of Rome, Italy. Kumara loves everything about hip-hop culture, and…

​Kilmar G.

Kilmar G. is a junior in High School. His major interests are emceeing, beat making, and b-boying. He started rapping at the age of 11 and started making beats at the age of 13. He enrolled…



Katie R. is an apprentice DJ at Words Beats & Life. A native Washingtonian, Katie hails from Columbia Heights; gravitating…


Kara F. is a college student and lover of all things creative, Art, Music,Photography and Dance. She also

Ismael M.


Ismael M. is a 11 year old D.C. native in Elementary School. This is Ismael’s first year enrolled in the Words Beats & Life Academy or with any organization that involves any


To Herbert R. dancing is more than what people think it is. it’s his own form of expression, and a way to unwind. When he dances he feels euphoria like none other. Landing a move takes hard..

Gee C.

Gee C. is a 10 year old student who attends Elementary School and takes DJ classes at Words Beats & Life. He enjoys DJing because it allows him to express himself artistically through music. Aside from DJing, he likes to dance, do art, and play basketball.

Francies S.


Francies S. was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Francies is an alumni of the University of the District of Columbia, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and literature.

Fasil S.

Fasil S. begin breakdancing at the age of 17 when he was a senior year of high school. He has been participating in the B-Boy classes at Words Beats & Life, and is considered a veteran amongst the other students in the class. He is currently a senior at the…

Denaya J.

Denaya J. (aka Dee.) is 23 years old. Born and raised in NW DC. She is currently working as a manager for a black-owned catering company in VA. Dee lived in Germany for 3 years, and speaks (almost) fluent German. Went to high school at TC Williams



Chris V. who performs as  ZAYDEX is a DJ/Music producer. He was born in Washington D.C but his family is from Mexico.  His music style is very unique, as he likes to mix up musical styles

Carrington L-S

Carrington hails from the bustling suburb of Teaneck, New Jersey. After completing his undergraduate education at Howard University, he has continued to cultivate his..

Ann G.

Ann G. is a junior at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. She has been creating art as long as she can remember.

Alexander T.


Alexander T. is a 21 year old aspiring musician/screenwriter from…

Mendel S.


Mendel S. is a 8th Grader in Middle School. He has been creating art throughout his…

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